Sportsmanship Code

Let it hereby be resolved that we, the schools comprising the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League, will be united in common effort to promote better sportsmanship. The following points are set forth to provide a better relationship among all students and adult fans, to discard the elements of dissension among all schools, to promote friendly rivalry, and to further a closer relationship among the schools and communities included in this league. So we recommend that the following conception of sportsmanship be accepted and practiced by the schools in the league.


We will cooperate with each other in making pregame arrangements; exchanging cheerleader courtesies and exhibit a willingness to cooperate with opposing teams and all of their representatives.


We will strive to maintain courteous association before, during, and after all interschool activities. Through maintaining an open-mind we will keep our emotions and sentiments from over-coming our better judgment and common sense.

Fair Play:

We dedicate ourselves to practice fair play in both reality and spirit. We will seek to win by fair and sportsmanlike means, according to the rules of the game and as interpreted by the officials. We can best understand and appreciate the other person’s point of view, his/her feelings and situations by practice of the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


We will respect the other schools and be courteous and gracious to the fullest extent. We will reserve a student section at all games and treat our opponents as our guests. We will congratulate our opponents, win or lose, to further the friendship throughout the league.


We will respect the rights of others and the officials’ decisions. We will respect all school songs, and property of others, the school spirit of our opponents, and all people attending the games, by staying in the stand during the game and not blocking the view. We will refrain from uttering abusive, or irritating remarks from the sideline.